Night Spotting Project (NSP) is an outreach research project to study the nocturnal mammals of South and Southeast Asia. Nocturnal mammals are understudied and play vital roles for our ecosystem such as pollinators and pest control.  Our focus species are the Sunda colugo, the slow loris and the flying squirrels. Our research ranges from bioacoustics, behaviour and human-wildlife relationships.

The nocturnal mammals of South and Southeast Asia

Slow Loris
Baby Tarsier
Small Toothed Palm Civet
Common Palm Civet
Sunda Colugo
Sunda Colugo
Sunda Colugo
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Field Training

 Come gain some experience at our field site in Langkawi for your internship. You will learn about field methodology, wildlife behaviour data collection, photography skills and use of technology for wildlife research and all of this either at night or during the day depending on the research taken. 

Community Outreach Program

Research without environmental education is non-effective to protect the natural world. In order to protect the natural environment, we need to share our passion and work. Join us during one of our programs or plan an activity with us. We do programs in the forest, school, university, general public and more.

Volunteer Experiences

If you’re an outdoor person who is passionate about wildlife, especially nocturnal wildlife, adventurous in exploring nature and curious about research in the wild, please join us for a great experience up-close with wild mammals and particularly colugos.


For any inquiries please email