Let’s do our part by living harmoniously with nature and wildlife so that we can help to sustain their population and habitat!
Researchers provides a protective umbrella that promotes conservation of primate habitats and other taxa inhabiting them.
Conservation education on primates are essential to solve conservation issues and promote sustainable development.
Effective conservation training is essential for improving people’s knowledge, promoting pro-conservation behaviors, and involving more people in primate conservation.
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The Malaysian Primatological Society is a registered NGO under the Registry of Societies (ROS) in 2015. Our NGO Series No: PPM-004-07-02032015​


The International Primatological Society was created to encourage all areas of non-human primatological scientific research, to facilitate cooperation among scientists of all nationalities engaged in primate research, and to promote the conservation of all primate species. The society is organized exclusively for scientific, educational, and charitable purposes. MPS is one of the affiliated primate societies under IPS.


MPS is collaboratively working with USM’s Primate Research and Conservation Lab to build a platform for students, researchers, and the public to participate in primate conservation. Memberships are open to national and international citizens of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in volunteering with us to conduct various primate conservation programs in Malaysia.

Scientific Advisory Members

The scientific advisory board members provide expert advice to MPS Board committee regarding technical and science related topics.

Dr Susan Lappan


Dr Lappan is a biological anthropologist and behavioral ecologist. Her research primarily uses behavioral and ecological data from wild populations of nonhuman primates. 

Dr Felicity Oram


Dr Felicity Oram is a Programme Development Advisor for KInabatangan Orangutan Conservation Programme (KOCP) - HUTAN, and IUCN Human-Primate Interactions Specialist Group - sub group - Primates in Agro-ecosystems

Dr Priscillia Miard


Dr Priscillia Miard is primatologist, with passion and interests on nocturnal mammals such as slow loris and colugos.

Board Members

Muhammad Zaki Zainol


Co-founder of MPS and PhD candidate at Primate Lab USM. Field study: Human-Wildlife Interaction

Dr Nadine Ruppert

Vice President

Dr Nadine is a senior lecturer and zoologist at the School of Biological Sciences USM. Her field focuses on primates conservation, human-wildlife interactions, plant-animal interactions in Malaysia.

Dr Aini Hasanah binti Abd Mutalib

Honorary Secretary

Graduates from Primatology Research and Conservation Lab (PhD), Secretary / co-founder MPS, Primate Watch Malaysia

Yap Jo Leen

Assistant Honorary Secretary

Phd Candidate Primatology Research and Conservation Lab (PhD), USM. Head Coordinator LPP

Dr Muzzalifah Abd Hamid

Honorary Treasurer

Environmental Biology graduate from USM and co-founder of SEALNet

Nurul Iza Adrina Mohd Rameli

Board Member

Co-founder and Head of Gibbons of Peninsular Malaysia, PhD candidate at Primate Lab USM. Field study: Small Apes Population

Mr Ethan Pang

Board Member

Co-founder and member of Gibbons of Peninsular Malaysia. Recently a Master graduate at Primate Lab USM. Field study: Small Apes Population