The project moderates an international multidisciplinary network to create solutions to poor human wildlife tolerance using concepts of responsible tourism, human behavioural change and ecosystem health. We believe solutions to tackle poor human monkey interaction must begin with people. It starts with cultivating little habits like responsible tourism, appropriate garbage disposal, appropriate behaviour around animals that slowly incite change.


Visions of ANP

Vision: “Our vision is a tolerant and harmonious ecosystem in which humans and wildlife can share and flourish.” 


Mission: “Our mission is to improve human animal relationships in shared spaces through education, research and advocacy”


We work with communities to establish Local Action Groups (LAGs) that generates a community driven solution to poor human monkey tolerance through multidisciplinary expertise.

Education and outreach

Education and outreach – We are dedicated to raising awareness about safe human wildlife interactions and appreciating nature. Our activities include school activities and public events.   


The project carries out scientific research in animal behaviour, societal perception of wildlife and ecosystem health. We are keen to have more researchers and volunteers to develop more research opportunities.  


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