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Volunteer in MPS helped me to communicate and act casually or formally around people. I successfully pushed myself to speak and entertain others. I felt so good to get to know with other NGOs and share opinions with each other. Plus, it was very fun as I get to help and learn how to handle this international event.
Nur Dini Yaakob​
MPS Volunteer in Reasons for hope - Dr. jane goodall
Reaching out to the public and raising awareness during a pandemic about primates is something new. I get to learn a lot about Malaysian primates as it is essential to conserve these beautiful animals. It also improved my soft skills and taught me dos and don'ts while cooperating with NGOs.
Khairunnisha bt. Rosidi
MPS Volunteer in #Ceritalahorang Fundraising Campaign
I've learned new things about primates itself, their fun facts, importance and responsibilities. I have gained social skills such as effective communication since I interact with many supporters and organizations. In addition, I have become more creative, better in giving ideas and poster creating skills.
Athirah Fazil
MPS Volunteer in #Ceritalahorang Fundraising Campaign

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