The Macaca Nemestrina Project (MNeP) studies the ecology and behavior of Southern pig-tailed macaques in their natural habitat, the rainforest and oil palm plantations. Macaques are important seed dispersers in the forest as well as biological pest control in plantations where they prey on rats. The project promotes the conservation of this Endangered primate species through community outreach and engagement with the local oil palm industry. This project under the umbrella of MPS is facilitated by Universiti Sains Malaysia in collaboration with University Leipzig Germany.

Learn about the Southern Pig-tailed Macaques

Field Training

The field research studies 3-4 groups in their  natural habitat and urban areas to foster our understanding of this species and primate evolution in general. Several field training include radio-tracking (shown in pic), antenna assemblage, behaviour monitoring, etc.

Community Outreach Program

Our field site is situated at the Segari Melintang Forest Reserve (SMFR), Perak. Besides its unique flora consisting alluvial fresh water swamps and coastal Dipterocarp forests that stretch up its hills, the SMFR hosts rich wildlife. 

Volunteer Experiences

If you’re an outdoor person who is passionate about wildlife especially primates, adventurous in exploring nature and curious about research in the wild, please join us for a great experience up-close with wild primates.


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