UNGKA – Small Apes of Malaysia Research & Outreach is a project of the Malaysian Primatological Society and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). The name UNGKA is derived from the word “gibbon” in the Malay language. Our main goal is to assess the distribution, abundance, and conservation status of gibbons in Peninsula Malaysia to inform feasible conservation management plans, and to educate local communities about the importance of primate conservation.

Listen To the Songs of Gibbons

Calls of Different Gibbons Species

Did you know that every morning, a family of gibbons will gather at the edge of their territory, and the breeding pair will sing a duet? These ‘great calls’ can sometimes be heard for more than 1 km away!

Conservation Work

Our project involves capacity building of local communities. The indigenous Bateq helps to navigate across the vast jungles of Taman Negara Pahang, and we trained them to use our survey equipment and method and have now employed them as our permanent field assistants. 

Educational Program

Our outreach program involves interactive activities with the younger generations, where we aim to enhance their knowledge and awareness in wildlife conservation.

Citizen Science Program

Citizen science data helps identify important sites for future surveys, determine gibbon presence at sites that we cannot directly survey, and for sites that we do survey, assessing the usefulness of iNaturalist and social media reports for conservation monitoring.


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