Primate Watch Malaysia is a project under the umbrella of MPS that focuses on the use of technology and in conservation of primate. One of our projects is to test the feasibility of drones in monitoring the orangutan habitat in Sabah and Sarawak. This project mapped the current land use condition that covered the centre. We have tested the integration of thermal cameras with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or commonly known as drones to observe the orangutan pattern in nocturnal condition. Current studies involved the pattern of illegal trade activities that occured, especially via social media.

Learn about Primates in Malaysia

Conservation Work

We conducted scientific research program on the ground (ex situ or in situ), outreach programs (e.g road tours, public talk, nature camps, exhibition) and training among undergraduates, interns and volunteers to work at primate habitat/conservation site. 

Primate Educational Program

Aims to introduce Malaysian primates and forest conservation issues among the local students. We integrated scientific and conservation issues in games so that students would learn and explore the diversity of Malaysian primates.

Community Outreach

Our outreach program was conducted in the schools, universities, colleges, road tours at the events, exhibitions, and others. A series of thought-provoking activities were given to increase youths’ awareness on forest and primate conservation. 


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