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Apart from the 5 working projects under the MPS, MPS is collaboratively working with USM’s Primate Research and Conservation Lab to build a platform for students, researchers, and public to participate in primate conservation.

Langur Project Penang

An outreach research project on the ecology, behaviour and road ecology of Trachypithecus obscurus for the development of a sustainable langur conservation in Penang. The study started from habituating and following the langur study troops consistently, collecting data on their activities, diet, home range and habitat quality. This information enables us to compare the impact of anthropogenic environment toward the movement and behaviour of Dusky Langurs in Penang, then coming out with conservation initiatives to mitigate the impact of human-altered landscape habitat.

Macaca Nemestrina Project

The Macaca Nemestrina Project (MNeP) studies the ecology and behavior of Southern pig-tailed macaques in their natural habitat, the rainforest and oil palm plantations. Macaques are important seed dispersers in the forest as well as biological pest control in plantations where they prey on rats. The project promotes the conservation of this Endangered primate species through community outreach and engagement with the local oil palm industry. This project under the umbrella of MPS is facilitated by Universiti Sains Malaysia in collaboration with University Leipzig Germany.

Night Spotting Project

Night Spotting Project (NSP) is an outreach research project to study the nocturnal mammals of South and Southeast Asia. Nocturnal mammals are understudied and play vital role for our ecosystem such as pollinators and pest control.  Our focus species are the Sunda colugo, the slow loris and the flying squirrels. Our research ranges from bioacoustics, behaviour and human-wildlife relationships. We welcome volunteers to help us for a minimum of one month anytime during the year but we also welcome students interested in doing internship in any subject they might be interested in.

Primate Watch Malaysia

MPS is collaboratively working with USM’s Primate Research and Conservation Lab to build a platform for students, researchers, and the public to participate in primate conservation. Memberships are open to national and international citizens of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in volunteering with us to conduct various primate conservation programs in Malaysia.

Sustainable Palm Oil Movement

Sustainable Palm Oil Movement (SPOM) is an initiative to address and counter misinformed anti-palm oil campaign by improving consumer and public perception, awareness and knowledge on sustainable palm oil for biodiversity conservation.

UNGKA - Gibbons of Peninsular Malaysia

UNGKA is one of the project under Malaysian Primatological Society and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). The name UNGKA is derived from the word “gibbon” in the Malay language. Our main goal is to assess the distribution, abundance, and conservation status of gibbons in Peninsula Malaysia to inform feasible conservation management plans, and to educate local communities about the importance of primate conservation.

Animal Neighbours Project (ANP)

Animal Neighbours Project (ANP) a community-based project that uses research and education to mitigate human wildlife conflict in urban areas. ANP has a Malaysian Chapter that works with communities in urban spaces to reduce negative interactions with monkeys. The project moderates an international multidisciplinary network to create solutions to poor human wildlife tolerance using concepts of responsible tourism, human behavioural change and ecosystem health. We believe solutions to tackle poor human monkey interaction must begin with people. It starts with cultivating little habits like responsible tourism, appropriate garbage disposal, appropriate behaviour around animals that slowly incite change

Conservation & Outreach

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Ongoing Work

IUCN Nation Conservation Action Plan for Small Apes