An outreach research project on the ecology, behaviour and road ecology of Trachypithecus obscurus for development of sustainable langur conservation in Penang. The study started from habituating, following the langur study troops consistently, collecting data on their activities, diet, home range and habitat quality. This information enables us to compare the impact of anthropogenic environment toward the movement and behaviour of Dusky Langurs in Penang, then coming out with conservation initiatives to mitigate the impact of human-altered landscape habitat.

Learn about the Dusky Langurs​

Field Training

Things you get to learn from the research project, including, field methodology, wildlife behaviour data collection, photography skills, ecological and behaviour of Dusky Langur, threats and the conservation actions.

Rainforest Programmes

LPP believes that environmental education can be delivered to the younger generation effectively through hands-on experience and exploration in the forest. 

Canopy Bridge

The “Ah Lai’s Crossing” canopy bridge project is a collaboration between LPP and APE Malaysia.  The bridge was completed on 28th February 2019, established on a busy road at the coastal site of Teluk Bahang, Penang. 


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