Hi my name is Nur Dini Yaakob. I have volunteered before for Malaysian Primatologist Society before for Reasons For Hope – Dr Jane Goodall. I am thankful for this experience to volunteer for MPS because actually, it helped me a lot to communicate and act casually/formally around people. It was not easy to build confidence and talked casually, but during this event, I successfully pushed myself to speak and entertain others. I felt so good to get to know with other NGOs and we can share opinions with each other. Plus, it was very fun as I get to help and learn how to handle this international event. This was a huge event with many people all around the countries involved. I was very glad to be with everyone at this event.

I have high hopes with Malaysian primates and their habitat because nowadays, people are lack with knowledge of primates. Without giving good care of primates and their habitat, this new generations might not know primates and later, primates might not be recognized by anyone. Our Malaysian primates is our treasure, so we must take good care of them for our future generations.

Nur Dini Yaakob

MPS Volunteer